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Tag⁠–⁠Red is an independent research⁠–⁠led consulting practice advising CEOs, founders and leadership teams on brand strategy.


We advise clients on brand strategy and marketing, including purpose, positioning, brand identity and architecture, product and service innovation, and communications.

Bridging strategy and execution, we partner with client teams and their agencies, supported by an extensive network of trusted researchers, designers, developers, social, e⁠–⁠commerce, PR, talent search etc.

Our partnership model allows us to build the best team for the task in hand and ensures that our delivery is highly attuned to client needs and budgets.

We work cross⁠–⁠sector for organisations at all stages of their growth cycle in the UK, Europe and US. The common denominator is that they are facing into change and want to think differently.

Tag⁠–⁠Red was founded by Nick Cross in 2013.

Brand power

Brands are about power
Built around ideas
Brought to life through the senses
Made believable through experiences
Inspired by leaders.


We work cross⁠–⁠sector in the UK and internationally, B2C and B2B, including retail, media, not for profit, financial and professional services, for organisations at all stages of the growth cycle, from early stage to PLCs.

Our clients are institutional investors, private investors, founders, CEOs, leadership teams, brand and marketing functions.

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We worked with Co-op on their group brand strategy and communications following a tumultuous period, including their new corporate identity.

We were part of Tesco’s Marketing Transformation Advisory Group, supporting Dave Lewis’s strategic change agenda as incoming CEO in 2014-15.

The Institute of Imagination delivers award-winning creative learning programmes for children 5-11 years old. Working with the founders, trustees and CEO, we defined the organisations' purpose and created a new name and identity.

We have been working with PEI on their new corporate brand strategy and identity, as the company develops into a global subscriber-led business intelligence company.

We are working closely with Balans’ founder and investors on the legendary restaurant group’s growth plan - with a new brand identity, strategy and communications approach.

We have been working with the leading investment firm Bridgepoint and North Design to build a brand platform for Bridgepoint's new identity and communications.

Advising Powervault board on marketing strategy and execution.

Proud to be working with Finance Earth on the launch of the UK Nature Impact Strategy later this year with their partner, Federated Hermes.

Working with Zeus’s new CEO and management team, we developed the investment bank’s brand strategy and identity.

With Not Impossible Labs, we helped National Grid create a new initiative to support socio-economically disadvantaged young people as part of its ESG strategy. Over its first year in 2021, Grid for Good helped 3000 young people in the company's UK and US service areas.

Since launch we have worked with the founding partner and executive team on Redburn’s radical brand strategy and expression in the marketplace.

With the museum’s new director, we developed a new identity for this unique museum in London to broaden its proposition and reach new audiences worldwide.

We worked with the CEO and management team on Liberum’s brand strategy, service proposition, digital communications and new brand identity.

We’ve been working with the UK’s leading digital triage and remote consultation platform on the company’s brand positioning, architecture and future identity (not shown here).

We developed the brand positioning and identity for this award-winning portable hotel built out of shipping containers and found at leading music and sporting events.

As Selfridges’ marketing director during the brand's radical transformation, Tag-Red’s founder Nick Cross was inspired by Gordon Selfridges’ original vision to create an experience-led brand strategy and iconic identity for what became Europe’s most exciting retail destination.

Tag-Red’s founder Nick Cross was responsible for the brand strategy, identity and communications for Egg, when it was disrupting the UK banking market and became the world’s leading internet bank.